Koi fish on my watercolor sketchbook.
This was painted on Draw Me app on iPhone.
As you see, it's been a while since the last time I painted. Here I am again with a quick sketch on Photoshop CS6.
Here are some sketches of shark from this morning on my A5 sketchbook.
I did this painting for WetCanvas challenge. This painting is on the second page of my HKie sketchbook.

I was never confident in watercolor until I started it in 2016. Painting figures/portraits in watercolor can be very, very difficult because it is hard to control the paint. These are some figure sketches on my watercolor sketches. The red figure, as you all know, is Anders Zorn portrait. He painted in oil, and I did the watercolor version. I also put my thoughts in the notes regarding techniques/strategies.
One of watercolor masters who I admire for his composition and brush economy is Alvaro. And today, to study from his paintings, I did these two sketches on my sketchbook along with my notes on his style.
This old man was done on Android phone in the bathroom.
I really enjoy this new sketchbook. This one is called HKie, created by Indonesian artist Soleh. I got this sketchbook yesterday and did this sketch.
Continuing my sketchbook updates. Here is a portrait of my friend Nick. I rarely do portrait in watercolor actually because it is very, very difficult to control the paint.
One of the best ways to improve composition is by doing studies from movies. Sometimes I like to take screenshots of movies and sketch them, just to learn how the scenes are composed, how shapes and lights are arranged in such a way to create a pleasing picture.
Here is what I like to do very quickly when I don't have much longer time to paint. Basically quick studies of values, colors, edges and proportions. But it can also help you plan your painting, especially if you want to paint in big size.

So I created this DIY sketchbook from watercolor paper and unused calendar. Here is a test.
After spending sometime in Lamongan and South Sulawesi, we finally went back to the capital city. This watercolor sketch was done after a photo reference which I took at the Sultan Hassanudin airport in Makassar.

This is my first self-portrait painting in watercolor.