When it comes to composition, the easiest way is to manipulate tonal values to direct the viewers' eye to the focal point. In this case, I put the whitest value in the roof of the house as the focal point.
These are some quick sketches this week done from ref and life.
I've tried several painting apps on Android, from Sketchbook to ArtFlow. But this one called Painter, previously known as Infinite Painter, is the best, I think.
I decided to buy a new watercolor brush; this is my first squirrel brush in fact. The brush I have been using so far is just a waterbrush, which many believe is very hard to control. This brush is called Arte Kazan.
So after six months not doing any watercolor, here is a new sketch which I did after Joseph Zbukvic. Lesson from this sketch: focal point and brush work matter.
I did this after quite a while being absent from painting anything. Really fun to do and think of it as an exercise.
Recently, I do some animation videos on YouTube, and a lot of people ask questions as to what kind of workflow I use to create it. So here is how I do it:

  1. Lipsync. This is done automatically in the software
  2. Animating the head gestures, including tilting, moving forward and backward, etc
  3. Animating the eyes. I have four expressions for the eyes: happy and sad, cool and stupid/tired
  4. Animating the hands
  5. Setting up camera movement

So this is actually my first time doing an illustration for a movie poster. This painting was requested by film producer Ichwan Persada, who contacted me on Facebook to do an illustration for his upcoming movie, Coto Daeng Ucu, which would set in the island of Sulawesi. It took me several days to finish this painting, of course with a lot of breaks in between.
Here is another painting which was featured as the most popular on Draw Me, which I did just a couple of days after Eid this year. Painting this Teddy Bear, I was really motivated to buy an android tablet, which I did just a few days after publishing this painting. If you don't know what Draw Me is, just find it in Play Store and download it to your phone.

After a year not touching Draw Me app, I tried to create some paintings there again this Eid. The eye painting, which I did exactly on Eid, was featured as the most popular painting for four days. You guys can download Draw Me app to your phone from Google Play Store. Draw Me, unlike other painting programs, doesn't have layers and nor many features like variety of brush controls. But that is what makes it challenging.
Painted on Photoshop using Wacom Intuos Art.
 So here is a quick update for my watercolor sketchbook. I prefer painting the clean page first which is on the right. These paintings were done in watercolor from Sakura Koi using a waterbrush.

Continuing my sketchbook, I chose to do a master study, this time from Craig Mullins, one of the best digital painters and the father of digital art in concept art world. He has done a lot of matte paintings for big movies such as The Matrix, Forrest Gump and Armageddon.  As usual, I used watercolor to paint. However, I seemed to overuse black color for the woman, which results in muddy colors.
I am so in love with my new watercolor set from Koi. The sketchbook, which I bought for $5, turns out to be so good at working with watercolor. This sketchbook has 60 pages, enough for painting for 30 days. Besides as a book for sketching, I think of my watercolor sketchbook as a journal. So I will record my daily activities, both in texts and pictures.
I am always a big fan of Anders Zorn, a Sweden painter known for his limited palette and accuracy in values. So I painted him on one of my first pages in a new sketchbook. This is a cheap sketchbook I bought from Tokopedia.