So I came across these principles after researching and observing the paintings of both digital and traditional masters such as Schmid, Anders Zorn, Zhu Haibo, and many talented artists. The principles can be represented in the following picture.

Of course this is not illuminati or something. 

Painting Principles

Drawn on LG G4

Old man

This guy, named SUEC, is one of the talented guys on Draw Me community. I drew him on my LG G4 Stylus.


Draw Me, LG G4 Stylus.


Another bald man done in Draw Me app.


Painted using Draw Me on Android phone.

Woman with glasses

While waiting for my martabak, I drew a man with bald head in North Jakarta.

Bald head

Sketsa berikut saya gambar saat menunggu antrean di rumah sakit dan di tukang martabak.

Sketsa sambil nunggu

Actually I have drawn eyes before, but using pencil on paper. This painting was my first artwork on eye, which I did from scratch of course on LG G4.


After upgrading my account to premium on Draw Me, I can play around with color pallette and brushes. This painting was done on Android phone.

Premium User

Still, I drew this pic on my android phone going Draw Me.


Although it looks easy to draw this portrait, if find it a bit tricky, which ends up drawing for almost an hour.


Dalam bahasa jawa, kita sebut ini banyak. Gambar digambar dengan stylus di aplikasi Draw Me pada ponsel LG G4.


Painted using Draw Me on LG G4.


Kalau gambar kucing sebelumnya saya lukis di Picsart, kucing kali ini saya gambar di Draw Me di ponsel Android.

Kucing Lagi